Nursing Pillow/breastfeeding Pillow-gray


Breastfeeding is a good time for the mom and child to bond. However,comfort is key to ensure mummy and baby have a good time. That is where this Adjustable baby breastfeeding/nursing pillow comes in. It can be adjusted to your comfort since it has the flaps. Back pain is usually a common issue with majority of new mum. This is because,as they are trying to breastfeed,they bend their back to reach out to the baby. in the long run,back problems kicks in. This pillow ensures your baby is lifted to your level.Are you a C-S mom? this is a must have. the pillow protects you from those exciting baby kicks as well as keep you comfortable.It can also be used by the baby as head and neck support. used at home,airplane,daycare or nursery. Its a perfect gift for a new mom


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