Tripple Paper Dispenser



This Tripple Paper Dispenser is a great idea to store and Dispense:Cling film, Paper towel and aluminum Foil. It will make your kitchen space Very Organized and Neat. You just need one Dispenser compact body that saves space and is is easy to use.Durable Material: it’s made of Quality ABS Plastic that is Easy to set up .It comes with Screws for mounting on the wall.How to use:Load the first layer with Cling film.Second layer is loaded with Kitchen Foil. Third Layer: Mount Paper Towel. Adjustable according to the length of the paper towel thus can hold different sizes.It has a Blade that easily cuts the Cling Film easily thus no need of scissors. The Cutters on each compartment cuts with a single swipe.The Top part can be used as a small shelve for placing tins/containers or small items. This is a must have in your kitchen!

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